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Settling you Finances

Now that all of your debts are due, you have to pay for all of those pizzas you ordered . . . and, of course, your education.

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Clear your credit card debts and other debts in the U.S.

Check with the credit card company or credit agents to see if you have any unpaid balances elsewhere.

Payoff your loans: If you leave the country with an unpaid balance, a credit agent will enter a record of your balance into your social security account. This record will hinder you if you wish to return to the United States in the future.

Set aside some cash for later use.

Close all of your bank accounts and get a bank statement.

Claim your tax return

If you've had taxes withheld, remember that you are able to claim your tax return even after you've gone back to your country:

- If you worked while in the United States, you have usually had taxes withheld, which are supposed to cover the amount of taxes you owe the government. If the amount withheld exceeds the amount of tax you need to pay, the United States government owes you the difference! Remember to claim it!

- Also be aware that if the amount withheld is less than what you owe the government, you will need to pay the difference!

- The period of time for filing taxes is from February to April of every year. Make sure you postmark your tax forms by April 15.

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