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American tourists may have a reputation for being rude, but this time it's their country and you're the visitor.
The definitions of what's courteous and what's rude probably aren't what you're used to.

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Many aspects of American etiquette will probably seem strange to you. Behavior in American society is less formal than in many parts of the world, so learning and following the rules of good manners will enable you to interact better with your professors, employers, fellow students, and other people you meet while you live here.

Don't worry if you don't know everything about American manners when you first get here, one of the reasons you are here is to learn about American culture. Americans live by a mixture of formal rules and informal guidelines, and the difficult part of learning how to act in American society is learning how to recognize when to apply each. Read through our pages on these topics:

As always, remember that you can ask friends what is appropriate in a given situation, so don't be afraid to ask what to do. It's all part of your education (and having fun)!

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