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American Culture
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Culture Shock

Everyone seems to do whatever they want, the people speak a different language, and your family is nowhere in sight.
It's culture shock, and it can feel confusing for a while.

Culture Shock | Conversational English
American Culture: Culture Shock

Culture shock - the feeling that you are out of place in a foreign society - can make your time in America difficult for a while. Fortunately, we at iStudentCity have prepared this guide to help you overcome culture shock.

One thing to remember is that learning how to interact in a different society is similar to learning a foreign language: the more you practice and immerse yourself in it, the faster you will improve and the more confident you will feel. Go to parties, meet with study groups, spend time with your American friends whenever you can.

While personal experience is one of the best ways to learn anything, we have compiled some stories of other iStudentCitizens' time in America so that you can learn from other people's experiences.

Homesickness is closely connected to culture shock, and if you have problems with either of these two, you may want to speak to other students from your country attending your school or come to our chat rooms and bulletin boards and discuss it with others who have had similar experiences. If it becomes a serious problem speak to someone in your school's counseling center.

American Culture | | Conversational English



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