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American Culture
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American Culture

Ever feel as if the Matrix has you? Don't worry, that will pass when you understand how Americans live and talk.

Culture Shock | Conversational English

Some people say that language is culture, and in many ways it's true. American culture, like the American version of the English language, will seem very strange to you. In order to enjoy your stay in America you will need to overcome "culture shock," understand common phrases that you won't find in phrase books, and learn American manners.

Take some time to look through our sections on the following topics, read the stories of other iStudentCitizens' experiences, and if you have some experiences of your own you want to share, send them to us!

How much you enjoy your time in America depends, in part, on how well you understand the culture. Have fun! Immerse yourself in the culture! You came to America for the education, and part of that is learning how people live in a different country from your own.
| Culture Shock


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