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Americans have a fascination with travel. It's in the literature. It's in the music. It's in the budget. The question is less about whether or not you can get somehwere than it is about how you'ill get there.

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After you have settled down, you may want to find ways to get around, to go to the grocery store, shopping centers, and movie theaters. If you live on campus or near campus, walking or biking should be adequate. But if you live off campus or you need to go pretty far to get to grocery stores or shopping centers, you may need to buy a car or use public transportation. Most cities and some suburbs or university towns offer some form of public transportation. Cities often have extensive subway systems, bus routes, and/or commuter train schedules. Smaller cities and towns might have fewer or more limited services. Your school should have some information on transit, and if they don't they should know where you can get it.

You will need to assess your needs to determine if you should buy a car or use public transportation.

The information in these sections can help you make that decision:

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