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Homestay Programs

Unless your family is moving with you to the U.S., you aren't likely to live in a home-like environment. One long-term housing option you might consider is a home-stay program. Think of it as being adopted while you're a student.

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Homestay programs are sometimes offered through your school. The benefit of this program is you get an opportunity to live with a local family, learn about American culture, develop lasting friendships, and experience American families made up of all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. You can also learn English more quickly as you have the opportunity to often speak with an American family. You can get lots of advice and suggestions about living in the States. Costs for this program usually range from $500 to $700 per month. Contract length for this type of placement is either by semester or by year. Please contact your school for placement information.

Benefits of a Homestay Program:

  • Relaxing, quiet environment
  • Learn American culture
  • Improve your English
  • Gain long-term friendships
  • Host families sometimes provide transportation
  • Food might be included
Drawbacks of a Homestay Program:
  • Could be expensive
  • Could be far from campus (transportation needed)
  • Could have strict rules (for example, you must be home by a certain time; you can't have parties or play loud music)
  • You might not be compatible with your host family
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