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Sitting down to a hot meal at home is one of the simpler pleasures in life. Of course, eating a cold sandwich while slumping in a leaky beanbag chair, especially if it's the only furniture in the room, isn't as much fun. Furnish your space.

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Deciding what to do about furniture will depend greatly on the size of your budget. If you have enough money to buy a small, island nation, go ahead and buy new furniture from any home furnishings store. And while you're at it, buy some furniture for your friends. Otherwise, your friends will despise you. Here's a list of some stores you may want to try besides the local furniture stores or department stores
  • - packed with fabulous features, a marvelous magazine, and sensational ways to decorate your home or apartment.

  • - IKEA has a great product selection for your everyday needs and the prices are reasonable. Check and see if there is an IKEA near where you live. ERROR)
However, if you are like the rest of us, you'll probably want to furnish your apartment or home reasonably without spending too much money.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Buying Used Furniture and Appliances
    This is the most cost-effective method of obtaining furnishing and household appliances. You can buy used furniture and appliances from local thrift stores or check your local newspaper, campus and apartment message boards, and on-line listings for furniture and appliances that are for sale. Someone is always moving or graduating from your area and most of these people will want to get rid of their non-essential belongings as quickly as possible. Therefore, you may be able to buy these appliances and furniture at really cheap prices.

  • Renting Furniture
    This option usually allows you the convenience of low monthly payments and the delivery and set-up of the furniture and appliances is included. This is particularly good for students who only plan to stay for a short time, and who don't want to worry about selling their furniture when they leave.

  • CORT Furniture Rental - provides a full line of rentals available for home and/or office. Previously rented furniture is also available for sale.
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