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If you have ever wondered how people your age live in America, try living in the dorms. Late nights, loud music, and lots of people. And then there are the parties . . .

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Dormitories ("the dorms") are housing facilities provided by your school. They are almost always located on or within walking distance of the campus. If transportation is a problem for you, this probably is your best choice. In dorms you usually share your room with roommates. The school also sometimes provides optional meal plans.

Benefits of Staying in the Dorms

  • Close to campus
  • Safer environment
  • No utility expenses
  • Experience campus life
  • With American roommates, you will learn English faster
  • Greater accessibility of campus facilities, such as the Library, Computer Lab, and Health Center
  • Possible free internet access through the school's server

Drawbacks of Staying in the Dorms

  • Can (and will!) be noisy
  • Might not be high-quality housing
  • Sometimes kitchen facilities are not available
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