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They say that the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location. We'll help you with all three and then some!

Your admission or orientation package should provide you with ample information about housing. Your choices typically include on-campus student housing such as the dormitories or international student housing, homestay programs, or local apartments/rooms. Each of these options presents different benefits and disadvantages, which are elaborated upon in each section. For more information you should check with your school because living expenses vary from state to state and housing arrangements are different from school to school. If you are arriving with a spouse and/or children, you probably want to find a larger apartment or house to rent. If you are coming alone, it might be more economical to participate in a homestay program, stay in the school dorm, share an apartment with roommates, or stay in a room for rent in someone's house.

Check the following links for more information about housing:

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