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Dental and Vision Care

Considering what students eat and how much they read, dental and vision care are very important.
Being covered can help remove the guilt you may feel when eating ice cream while you read a textbook late at night.

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Though you are required to have health insurance when you register for classes in America, most health insurance policies don't cover dental and vision. If you need care for your teeth or eyes, you'll have to pay on a per-visit basis, and that can be very expensive. Fortunately, most health care plans offer optional dental and vision coverage, but these plans can be expensive.

If possible, try to get your dental and vision needs met before you arrive in the U.S. or during trips home, in order to save money. Your decision about whether to purchase coverage or use doctors in your home country should be based on whether or not you expect to visit your home country on a regular basis while you are a student. A student who doesn't expect to visit home before graduating might decide to purchase optional dental and vision coverage. A student who expects to visit home every year should see a dentist during those visits.

Low-cost dental care

If you don't purchase additional coverage while you are in the U.S., there are still other ways of getting dental care. Depending on where you are attending school, your university or one nearby may have a dental school. People who need dental check-ups can often go to these schools and get very inexpensive care.

If you are still unsure about hwo to find a dentist, try calling a referral service such as 1-800-DENTIST to find a dentist near you. Sometimes these services can recommend less expensive dentists than you might find on your own.

For more information about staying healthy in America, read this four-part series about health.

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