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Campus Health Services

Not every medical problem requires George Clooney's care. For those times when you have a minor problem, campus health services can save time and money.

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Student and Local Health Services

Student health services are usually available at your college or university. Contact your school to get more information. Schools don't want their students sick, especially if they have an illness that could cause widespread problems. In order to make campuses healthier places to live, most colleges offer services ranging from treatment of fevers to testing and prescriptions. Fees for seeing a doctor at a campus clinic are usually small, rarely more than $10. Local community health services should also be available. While these clinics may be marginally more expensive than school clinics, seeing a doctor there is much less expensive than going to the hospital or emergency room. Check in your local telephone book for locations.

Counseling Services

Psychological counseling services are often available on college campuses. Don't feel shy or embarrassed about visiting the counseling center; many students need help dealing with the stress of college life. These services are professional and confidential.

These counseling services are generally equipped to help students who are dealing with depression, loneliness, eating disorders, abuse, and many other problems. As an international student you may want to see them about homesickness or culture shock. Contact your school for more information.

For more information about staying healthy in America, read this four-part series about health.

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