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You've done all of the hard work, at least until you get some homework. Now it's time to take your luggage to the airport, board the plane, and fly to America!
(Don't forget your toothbrush.)

By following the steps in "Venture to America," you'll be ready to deal with U.S. Customs when you arrive, and your family will know that you're safe. It's a good idea to be ready for both, so that you can quickly get to your housing and get some rest. There will be plenty to do when school starts.

Understand U.S. Customs
Customs can take a while when you are bringing enough with you from home to last a couple of years. If you understand how customs works, you can get through it much faster an easier.

Call Home
You'll be tired and just waiting to unpack and rest. Your family will be waiting to hear that you have arrived safely. Call them.

Important US Official Links:
1) SEVIS is a government, computerized system that maintains and manages data about foreign students and exchange visitors during their stay in the United States. More info >>
2) U.S. Customs - Department of State

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