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Before you can begin the application process, you need to decide what you want to do and which schools interest you. It's easier (and cheaper) to decide these things now than it is two years into your U.S. education.
Besides, there are too many fun things to do at school to worry about stuff like this then.

Though it is tempting to apply to all of the famous schools, a little research will go a long way toward finding out if they are the best schools for what you want to study. "Prepare for schools" means define goals, decide which schools are best for you, get the applications, and take the necessary exams. The decisions you make here will affect your entire college experience, so doing a little work means getting a big reward.

Define Your Educational And Career Goals
Setting goals will make the next few steps much easier. If you know what your goals are, you'll find it easier to achieve them.

Research And Select Schools
You know what you want to do in your education, but which schools will help you meet your goals? With a little research, you will have a list of schools to consider.

Request Application Forms
Now that you have a set of goals and a list of schools, you need some application forms. Whether you request them by regular mail or by email, get them soon.

Prepare for Exams
The entrance and language exams may be just like what you expect, but don't count on that. Even preparing with a book will improve your scores . . . and your chances of getting into school.

Look for Financial Aid
Education can cost more than you expect. Financial aid can help you pay the bills, and it can help you get your visa.

Undergraduate Ranking
1. Princeton Univ.
2. Harvard Univ.
3. Yale Univ.
4. CIT
5. MIT
6. Stanford Univ.
7. Univ. of Penn
8. Duke Univ.
9. Dartmouth College
10. Columbia Univ.
Graduate Ranking
MBA School

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