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Medical Examination

Visits to the doctor can be very expensive in America. Save money, time, and trouble. See a doctor before you leave your home country.
America may have more to it than just capitalism, but you would never know it looking at medical bills.

Get a thorough medical examination before you come to the United States. Have your doctor prepare your current medical records, including a list of your immunizations, in English. Depending on what immunizations are required in your country, you may have to plan a few months ahead in order to meet the requirements for obtaining a U.S. visa.

Here are some reasons for having a current medical record:

  • You will need to supply your medical records when you apply for a student visa or pass through U.S. customs.
  • Your school will need your medical records before you register for classes, or they will require you to get a medical examination in the U.S., and that can be very expensive.
  • Your health insurance company will ask you to submit your medical records.
  • A hospital can help you more efficiently if you have a medical record.

Read the student visa application information, and the application packet from each school carefully, checking for the requirements for a health examination. If you do not meet those requirements, your visa application might be rejected or the immigration officer may reject your entry to the U.S.

Here are a few other helpful tips:

  • Have your dental and vision needs taken care of in your country because these medical services are very expensive in the U.S.
  • Bring your vision prescription with you.
  • Bring drug prescriptions, if you are under medication. Keep in mind that many drugs are much more strictly regulated in the U.S. than in many other countries. Always carry enough medication for a few days in your carry-on luggage, and have copies of your prescriptions with you when traveling.
  • Bring copies of any X-ray images related to your medical needs.

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