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Respond to Requests for Additional Application Materials

If they say they want more information, it's best to give them more information. The professors will give you plenty of information in classes.

10. Respond | 11. Inform Schools
While the schools are reviewing the applications you sent in Step 9, they may come across an incomplete one. Schools will only review complete applications, and most of the time thatís what they get. However, from time to time an applicant will send an application that is missing something, or else a set of transcripts or a letter of recommendation doesnít arrive as expected. In any of these cases, the school in question will notify you that they are missing part of your application. Respond quickly. Once youíve taken care of any of these requests, all you have to do is wait for acceptance letters before moving on to Step 11.

When should I respond?
As soon as you are contacted by a school.

What kinds of information might be missing?
Here are some of the items that could be missing:

  1. Transcripts (if sent separately)
  2. Standardized test score (Toefl, GMAT, GRE, etc.) Numerous students reported that ETS (or exam administration companies) had sent their score to the wrong university or too late.
  3. Letter of recommendations (if sent separately).
  4. Application fee (make sure it's enclosed with your application.)
  5. Other materials that schools may ask you to include.

Important Fact: Most schools will not even review your application if you don't provide them with complete information.

What should I do if a school tells me something I sent is missing?
The best way to mail your application to schools is through registered mail. Even so, certain items that are mailed separately such as TOEFL scores and letters of recommendation (if mailed by the writer) could be missing. You have to respond as soon as possible by contacting the appropriate person/organization. If you fail to provide the information the schools are asking for, you won't have any chance of being accepted there.

9: Application | | 11: Inform Schools

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