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Compose Your Statement of Purpose

It's time to speak up for yourself. Schools are asking you to tell them why you're a good enough student to attend their school. Go ahead, show them what you're made of.

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You gave up some control over your application materials in Step 6, but now it is time to take the reins again. Your statement of purpose is a document you write that explains your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and plans for achieving those goals. This is your chance to show why you’re a student that the schools should admit. While your statement of purpose has you looking to the future, your (academic) history is the important part of Step 8.

When should I take this step?
Eleven (11) months before school starts. Don't forget to set some time aside to revise your statement of purpose as well.

How do I make my statement of purpose stand out from other applicants' writing?
Schools usually tell you what they want you to address. Cover each of these points in your statement of purpose. Since different schools may ask you to address different points, be prepared to customize your statement of purpose to meet each school's requirements. This takes more work than writing one statement of purpose and using it for every application, but it improves your chances of being accepted.

iStudentCity's Resource on Statement of Purpose
  • EssayEdge provides college advising and application essay editing to high school students, graduates, and professional school applicants. Also offers sample college and business school admission essays.

Why do schools want me to send a statement of purpose?
Schools look at many factors when considering applications; grades and test scores alone will rarely get you accepted. Schools want to know how you organize your thoughts in writing. They want to see what kind of a writer and thinker you are, and this sample of your writing provides them with a way of measuring these things.

6: Letters | | 8: Transcripts

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