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Prepare And Mail Your Application Forms And Fees

Paperwork makes the world go around. Fill out these forms, and you can go around the world.

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Now, you have finished everything you needed to get done before filling out the application forms themselves. Try to cut the list of schools down from ten (10) or fifteen (15) to about eight (8) or ten (10). Since you have looked at all of the materials over the last few months, and you should know which schools most interest you.

Tips: Before you start writing on the original forms, it is a good idea to make photocopies of them all. Practice once on the copy, and then fill out the original application forms.

You can also consider using online application forms for schools that offer that method. You can save a lot of time using this method, and if you enter some data incorrectly at first, you can easily correct it before you send the application in. Get ready to follow up by going to Step 10.

When should I take this step?
Each school has a different application deadline. Most of the time, if you want to be considered for financial aid, your deadline is about two to three months ahead of the normal deadline. To be safe, send in your application ten (10) months before school starts.

What is "rolling admission" or "rolling basis"?
"Rolling admission" refers to an admission process that allows you to send your application any time. If you meet the school's standards you are accepted immediately if there is still space available. Some schools, if space is unavailable when your application is approved, will offer you admission to the next term.

Note: Even schools that use rolling admission have deadlines for each term. If your application arrives after one of those deadlines, you may still be considered for admission in the next school term. Check the school's application materials for more details.

How much does it cost to apply?
This varies from school to school. Public universities may only charge $30-$45 per application. Top private schools may charge $60 or more per application.

What information must I fill in?
You must supply all information that is not listed as "optional" on the form itself. Usually the optional information is about your race and gender. Schools gather this information for statistical purposes. In some states this information can alter your chances of getting admitted, but any school that uses optional information will say so in their information packet.

8: Transcripts | | 10: Respond

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