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Completing your application materials isn't as easy as it seems. You have to gather information and support from a lot of different sources. It's kind of like working on a research project, only you're the subject.

Filling out the forms is just the beginning of the application process. The steps within "Apply to schools" will walk you through everything you need to do to prepare your application. A well-prepared application can be as important as your grades in getting you into the school of your choice.

Ask for Letters of Recommendation
You need to include letters of recommendation in your application so admission officials can learn what other people think of you. Ask former teachers or employers to help by writing recommendations.

Compose Your Statement of Purpose
In most cases, your statement of purpose will give admission officers their only look at your writing. A well-written statement of purpose improves your chances of being accepted.

Request Your Transcripts
Transcripts provide admission officials an overall picture of your academic history. You will need to make certain that every school you have attended sends transcripts to every school to which you are applying.

Prepare And Mail Your Application Forms And Fees
Fill out the application carefully; a tidy and complete application will give admission officers a positive image of you. It sometimes helps to practice on a photocopy of the form before filling out the original.

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