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2008-2009 Student Health Insurance Plan Pricing
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iStudentCity Student Health Insurance Plan Summary & Complete Pricing
Three Options for You: Plan A Plan B Plan C
Maximum Benefit
(You can choose based on your school requirement)



Insurance Price
- Student/Scholar



Insurance Price
- Spouse



Insurance Price
- 1 Child Only



Insurance Price
- 2 or More Children



Deductible $100 per policy year per insured person
Coverage 100% of Preferred Allowance for PPO;
80% of Reasonable and Customary Expenses (R&C;) when treated by non-network providers
Prescription Medication

100% of R&C;, up to $3,000
After a $20 copay per prescription

In-patient Benefit Yes
Lab, Diagnostic, X-ray Yes
Pre-admission Testing Yes
Physiotherapy Yes
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits Yes
Medical Evacuation 100% of policy maximum coverage
Repatriation of Remains 100% of policy maximum coverage

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