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Health Insurance Options
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All international students must show proof of health insurance in order to register for classes at school. In many cases, however, the premium-the money you pay periodically to purchase health insurance coverage-that international students pay can be very high.

There are three major ways to get a health insurance policy:

  • Enrolling in health insurance in your home country.

    It will be easy for you to apply, since it is in your native language. However, the premium can be high, since health insurance companies in your home country are not likely to have alliances/special discounts with hospitals and clinics in the U.S.

    Also, the claim process might be complicated because you have to mail or fax all of the documents to your home country whenever you file a claim.

  • Enrolling in a school health insurance.

    It is also easy to apply for health insurance at your school, if your school offers it. However, insurance companies usually have an exclusive agreement with your school to provide an insurance plan to all students. Therefore, the premium may be high, since there is no price comparison or competitive pressure.

  • Enrolling in health insurance by yourself after arrival.

    Free Price Comparison @Online Premium Quote

    You can compare premiums of different policies for free. Please note that the products from the Online Premium Quote may not be adjusted for international students' needs and conditions.

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