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AAA: this isn't the group that helps people quit drinking; this is the group that helps people whose cars break down.
The Basics
What is AAA?

AAA is a federation of 98 motor clubs providing its more than 40 million members in the United States and Canada with a full line of travel, financial, insurance and automotive-related services.

Who is AAA of Southern California?

Some of the added benefits of Auto Club membership include buying auto insurance, making travel arrangements, taking advantage of AAA Financial Services, and many other services.

Many iStudentCitizens that are already AAA members have commented on the convenience of having AAA membership. Most notable is the 24 hour Roadside Assistance. This is especially helpful for international students who plan to drive a lot. In case your car breaks down on your way to Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon, you can call AAA and help will be on its way. No matter where you travel to in the United States AAA will be watching over you.

Speaking of traveling, AAA members also enjoy great travel assistance. From free maps to a complete travel reservation service, AAA will cover all your travel needs. AAA provides you with everything you require to make your travels easier and more complete.

To learn more about the Automobile Club of Southern California and all of the services it provides exclusively to its members please visit AAA web site.

What is AAA?
Why there are so many AAA members in the U.S.? Free maps, travel planning, cheaper auto insurance policy, and much more...

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