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You can't sleep in the library every night, so you'll need to find housing.

The Housing Center helps iStudentCitizens understand housing options in America. We fill you in on what types of housing are available, show you resources to help you find a place to stay, and help you find furniture for your new home in the U.S. We also feature apartment search tools, hotel locators, and handy tips. So take a look around, and find your "Home, Sweet Home".

New! Find a Roommate:
Our new roommate search service allows you to do a nation-wide search for the perfect match, or enter your own name, and let others search for you! It couldn't possibly be easier to find the housing situation of your dreams.
Powered by RoommateLocator.com

Short-term housing:
When you first arrive, you will need someplace to stay immediately. Here are some tips.

Long-term housing:
Eventually, you will want something more stable and comfortable. We can help!

Furniture - buying and renting:
Is your room empty?

U.S. Apartment Search
Think about transportation
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The Roommate from Hell

We found out who's the Worst Roomie of the Millenium!

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