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Manage Your Money Well

Welcome to the Finance Center. Here you will find the necessary information, resources, and services to help make managing your money easier - everything from credit cards, on-line banking, and checking accounts to the knowledge you need to use them wisely. We also provide information about tax issues that international students should consider and information on student loans and scholarships.

  • Credit Cards can help you get your first credit card and build your credit history in the U.S.

  • Online Banking offers many advantages over traditional banking. See the banks we recommend...

  • Tax Issues can be complex in the U.S. Find out how to avoid complications.

  • Scholarships can help you pay for your education.

  • Student Loans make it easier to pay the bills, but there are a couple tricks to getting them.

Banks are good at holding your money, but make sure they don't accidentally give too much to the government. Click and learn.

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