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Admission to Business School
Information provided by Kaplan Test Prep

GMAT CAT | 10 Test Tips | B School Admission | B School Tips

Business school admissions committees take a holistic approach to applications. Therefore, your application package should give committee members as close to a three-dimensional picture of yourself as possible.

Admissions committees judge your academic abilities, professional promise and motivation, leadership, and personal characteristics. To determine these, most look at the following criteria:

  • GMAT Score
  • GPA
  • Work Experience
  • Application
  • Extracurriculars
On Your Mark...

Business school admissions is a tricky, and often maddening, business. From the GMAT to filling out applications, the admissions process involves hard work and the coordination of many resources. The key to success is detailed planning based on correct information.

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GMAT CAT | 10 Test Tips | B School Admission | B School Tips

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