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Admission Tips
Information provided by Kaplan Test Prep

GMAT CAT | 10 Test Tips | B School Admission | B School Tips

After having decided where and when to apply, your next step is to obtain application forms from the various schools that you've selected.

KAPLAN QUICK TIP: Call the admissions offices around July and have them put you on their mailing lists. Also check the schools' web sites; many have downloadable applications.

Once the applications begin arriving, you'll notice one thing quickly: No two applications are exactly alike. But despite their differences, most follow a general pattern with variations on the same kinds of questions.

Admission Requirements

Some admissions requirements tend to be common to most business school admissions offices. They include:

  • Undergraduate GPA
  • (especially in your major)
  • GMAT scores
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Essays
  • Interview
  • Resume
A Marketing Tool

When it comes to applying to business school, think of yourself as "the product." Your application is your marketing document. Marketing yourself doesn't mean that you should lie or even embellish the facts. It simply means that you need to make a lucid and convincing presentation. Everything on your application should contribute to an overall picture of you that clearly demonstrates that you belong in the class and will make a solid contribution to the learning of your peers. Sell yourself.

Maximize the Elements

  • Make certain the presentation of your application is both neat and professional looking.
  • *
  • Use your full name and social security number on everything, even the little cards and other trappings that schools often request.
  • *
  • Photocopy all applications and keep a comprehensive file on each school that records all of your interactions with that school in it.
  • *
  • Follow all rules set forth by the application. If you have questions or are tempted to "break a rule," be sure to call the admissions office and ask for advice.
  • *
  • Have someone proofread your essay(s) and application. A single mistake can cast doubt on your application.
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GMAT CAT | 10 Test Tips | B School Admission | B School Tips

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