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10 Things YOU Should Know About the GMAT CAT
Information provided by Kaplan Test Prep

GMAT CAT | 10 Test Tips | B School Admission | B School Tips

  • Some schools take your highest GMAT score; some average scores. Be prepared whenever you take the test!
  • Some business schools will waive application fees for students with high GMAT scores.
  • The average GMAT score at the top 10 schools, according to the 1997 " US News and World Report" business school survey, was over 665.
  • The survey also reveals that graduates of higher-ranked business schools usually get the highest starting salaries.
  • The GMAT is now offered only as a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT).
  • The earlier you apply, the better your chances of acceptance at many schools.
  • With the CAT, you'll get your scores the same day that you take the test.
  • On the GMAT CAT, you'll type two essays -- one analyzing an issue and one analyzing an argument.
  • The GMAT tests both your knowledge of content (math/grammar) and test-taking skills.
  • You can take the CAT during regular business hours, up to 6 days a week, 3 weeks per month. There is a waiting period before you can retake the test.

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GMAT CAT | 10 Test Tips | B School Admission | B School Tips

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