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Hey, it's time to take a rest and have some fun!
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You konw you're a gamer if...
  • When your friend asks you about your weekend, you list all the games you played and bought
  • You remember past events based on the type of system were using at the time
  • All your friends are gamers
  • You get more excited over a new release than a naked Playboy bunny
  • You attend video game conventions with your gamer club pals
  • You stay up until all hours of the night playing, even though you have to wake up early for an important exam
  • You forget to eat meals because you are too busy killing your opponents online
  • Not playing is NOT an option

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If you like to watch/listen/read it, then it's something for us to talk about.

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You know you're a gamer if...
Need validation that you're a gamer? Uncertain if you fit the type or not? Find out for yourself!

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