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Music News (Asia)

Although Coco Lee, Asian popstar, promised her fans a great concert the next time she was in Malaysia, she breached that promise and pulled a no-show, cancelling her concert without much prior notice to both the organizers and fans. Fans who went to the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur were greeted with a small sign that stated the concerts was cancelled. Apparently, Coco cancelled the concert due in part to poor organization, as the concert's venue had only been changed a few days before the date. Ms. Lee's promoters did not pay her full fees, either, resulting in a lawsuit against her promoters in Singapore and Malaysia for breach of contract. A statement released by her Hong Kong-based lawyers stated: "Legal remedies will be taken for breach of contract and defamatory comments contained in a press release by Cycle Master Holdings Limited issued in Singapore last Friday. The artist is sorry for her fans in Malaysia who may have purchased tickets for the concert. However, she hopes that they will appreciate that because of the poor management of that event by the promoter and breaches of the agreement, she had no faith in being able to deliver a professional performance."

Don't think that even singers aren't put on a diet. When Ruthai "Nadia" Sutthikulpanich impressed Bakery Music executive producer Zomkiat "Mr. Z" Areeyachaipanich by rendering a lovely version of the ballad "Song Sai," she was an unknown. Impressed by her talent, Mr. Z decided to groom her into Bakery's newest star and produced Nadia's debut album. But before she could see the final product, the up and rising star had to return to England to commence her studies. Now that it's time to introduce the album to the public, Nadia's presence is needed. But life in England seems to be quite rich, as the former slim Nadia has apparently put on a lot of weight. "Honestly, Nadia is really fat now, and I have advised her via telephone to [lose] a lot of weight by following a strict diet, before returning to Thailand for the album launch. The public want to see a lovely face that goes well with her outstanding voice," Zomkiat said.

Java Jive, one of Indonesia's longest-lasting bands. has finally split up. Lead vocalist Fatur has left to pursue a solo career, while guitarist Capung has quit because he's tired of the music business. Said Capung, "I'm not just the guitarist, I also manage the band. And sometimes that can be very stressful, especially when everybody else starts depending on you." Fatur is now at the top of the charts with his second single, which features a duet with Nadila. As for Capung, he's keeping himself busy by managing a studio in Bandung.

Record label Grammy Gold has released a set of three albums, each featuring a lovely songstress with an exciting background. The album set is called "Made In Look Thung," and treats listeners to a combination of Thai folk music and pop. The album set features singers Kat Rattikarn, Nueng Haruthai, and Ple Chinoros. Kat Rattikarn was the winner of the Miss Motor Show 1999 beauty pageant and has also contributed to the soundtrack of a popular soap opera. Nueng Haruthai recently won a singing contest organized by renowned Chulalongkorn University. Ple Chinoros has made a name for herself while participating as a vocalist with Thailand's top saxophonist, Thewan Sapsaenyakorn, at a jazz festival in Switzerland. To create a connection between the albums, the track "Made In Thailand," performed by the three singers, is included on all three albums.

Source: MTVasia.com

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