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The Valentine's Day Special Edition

Valentine’s Day Celebrations on a Student Budget

By Yvonne Liu

The dozen roses alone cost you $75, and from the looks of your wallet, you don’t have another couple hundred to spend on your sweetheart. Have no fear. The importance of the holiday isn’t so much what you bought but what you emphasize—your love. You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant or present a gift that cost you a year’s tuition. Here are some simple ideas to celebrating Valentine’s Day on a student budget:

  1. Rent a movie and grab takeout. Find a romance surefire hit, order in your sweetheart’s favorites such as Chinese food or even pizza, sit back, and enjoy quality alone time.
  2. Plan an indoor picnic. If the only place you can think of is your dorm room or apartment, liven up an otherwise ordinary location with a creative idea. Spread a blanket on the floor, pack some picnic food in a basket, light a few candles, and voila—you are now someplace else with the one you love.
  3. Give a candlelight massage. Turn up some smooth tunes, light a few candles, and give your sweetheart a relaxing and sensual massage.
  4. Go for a moonlight walk. Take the time to enjoy each other’s company with some fresh air and a little moonlight. Be sure to read up on the constellations beforehand, so you can show your valentine the stars. Of course, if it’s winter weather out where you live, be sure to bundle up and stay close to each other!
  5. Create a romantic dinner for two meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just sincere. And while you may not be the best cook, sometimes it’s your effort that matters most. For menu ideas, click here.
  6. Pick a theme. For something that may take a little more planning, choose a theme such as tropical paradise, and go with it. Decorate your apartment or dorm with with leis, paper palm trees, plastic coconuts, etc. When your loved one comes over, hand him/her a "ticket" or "passport" you made. Play Hawaiian music, turn up the heat, serve pineapple juice cocktails, and hula dance all night long.
  7. Set out paper, pens, and an array of desserts. When your date comes over, compose love poetry or write down your thoughts for each other over the sweetest part of the meal—dessert!

Source: Lovingyou.com

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