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Global Marketplace

If you can't find specialty foods or spices such as kimchi, coconut milk, dried seaweed, or any number of other items in your local supermarket, shop online! Here is a list of Web sites that will ship your groceries directly to your doorstep. Simply follow the ordering instructions provided on each site. If you would like to recommend a Web business to be listed, please let us know!


  • www.EthnicGrocer.com (variety of ethnic foods by country)
  • www.asiamex.com (Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern & West West African foods)
  • www.orientalfood.com (Asian)
  • www.asianhomegourmet.com (Asian)
  • www.asianestore.com (Asian)
  • www.quickspice.com (Asian)
  • www.orientalpantry.com (Asian)
  • Theglobalgrocer.com (Global)

    East Asian

  • www.maruwa.com (Japanese)
  • www.huyfong.com (hot sauce)
  • www.welcome-to-china.com (Chinese)
  • www.easywok.com (Chinese)
  • www.jinganae.co.kr (Korean kimchi)
  • www.gongshee.com (Chinese)

    South/Southeast Asian

  • www.rhallab.com (Middle Eastern sweets)
  • www.indiangrocerynet.com (Indian, Bangladeshi & Pakistani)
  • www.thaigrocery.com (Thai)
  • www.tamtree.com (heat and serve Indian food)
  • www.zeeshanstore.com (Indian and Middle Eastern)
  • www.namaste.com (Indian)
  • www.madamecurry.com (Indian)
  • www.worldspiceshop.com (Indian spices)


  • www.koshergrocer.com (Kosher foods)
  • www.tenren.com (tea)

  • Dining Channel

    Food lovers rejoice--we can talk AND eat about our favorite subject.
    Restaurant Locator

    Looking for a new restaurant to try? Click on CuisineNet to find the exact restaurant you are looking for by the city first. Or check out Zagat.com for comprehensive reviews and listings.
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