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Book Nook

Still searching for a paperback written in your native tongue? Or do you want something on the verge of academic but not quite? It is highly likely that your local bookstore does not keep a high stock of the latest bestsellers in Hindi or copies of engineering books on hand. But we know how you feel, so you can rest assured! Here is a list of online booksellers that may just carry the book you are looking for:

[In English]
Frontlist.com - specializes in literary and cultural studies, feminist theory, cinema studies, queer theory, gay & lesbian studies, and related fields
Globe-pequot - travel books, outdoor recreation, language instruction, other subjects
Reiters.com - scientific and professional books in the fields of business, computers, engineering, math, medicine, natural sciences, reference, recreation, and social sciences

[Asian languages]

[Middle Eastern languages]

[European languages]


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