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I got my degree, so how come I haven't been hired yet?
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Obstacle No 5:
I graduated from the wrong program!

If you have not yet come to the U.S, or have just arrived, and you have the goal of working in America after graduation, you should consider your degree program carefully. According to some, international students with degrees in certain fields (such as Computer Science, Engineering, or Accounting) have a much better chance of being hired and getting an H1-B visa. It also seems that success in the job market has a lot to do with whether or not employers are willing to sponsor a foreigner.

Of course, the choice ultimately depends on your preferences. However, you should also consult your career center and identify professions where the job market will be friendlier during the next few years. As for current market conditions, a degree in computer science, even without much work experience, will probably lead to a successful job hunt.

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