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Subject: Help me to obtain a ID card
Author: tn1991
Date: 9/8/2006 4:33:05 PM
I have my passport and I-94 valid, but my F-1 visa have expired for 3 month already. But lucky I have got the Social Security Number (SSN) and I still legal because I still study in the US. (F-1 Visa is Duration Status = As long as I still study I am legal to stay.)

When I go to the DMV to try to obtain the ID card, They say I need to renew my visa. But the online source said that If I have a SSN I won't need a valid visa to obtain it. I did show him my valid I-20 but they didn't approve. Please help me to obtain the ID card for I don't want to carry my Passport everywhere I go. Thank you very much!

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