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Subject: I ( a girl) want a girl
Author: tecy
Date: 9/30/2004 11:12:09 PM
i have been here for 3 months but i am still not getting used to this environment. i want to talk in simple way. But i am little afraid of what to say. Sometimes I feel like a lost. I am trying my best to push myself into the running culture. but it will not wait for me. from my childhood, i was dreaming to have a boyfriend. But i have never imagined the body of male or boy or man. I was just willing to have close relations to boys or men. but i always think about the body or figure of the women. How they look, walk, put the clothes on, their body like breast, tail. their face, hair, and everything on them. is this a sign of lesbian? but i do not fell i am lesbian. But i know that i always wait from the other girls around me something. here, because of my college, st.kate, i8 want to talk to someone very open. but i can't. what should i do? here, i feel myself my tongue is sticked so that i can't talk.
i wanna talk to somebody, i always know that i have to do it. but i can't do it.What can i do?sometimes i amtrying to force myself to talk very open in this american cultire or environment.
i want to show myself. but i is not working. my e-mail address is starson90@yahoo.com
one who wants me can contact me, OK
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