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Subject: If you are homesick I know this helped me!!
Author: iv
Date: 8/26/2004 2:02:28 PM
I was so homesick i could not stand it anymore so i decided to research the cheapest way to keep in contact with my parents and friends in the US when I went to study abroad in France. So instead of using a calling card, and marking so many numbers and trying to keep track of my minutes when I was there. So if you want a really easy way to phone home please go to www.zivVa.com and sign up . You can even have a free trial.
I hope you enjoy and can talk with your family as much as you want. We are constantly growing to service different countries. Currently we have France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and US. Please forward this to any friends that you think would be interested or feel the same way about missing home and go to www.zivVa.com.
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