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Welcome to the U.S., new students. Any questions for the senior international students? Don't be shy. Just ask.

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Subject: American High School...?? HEELLP!
Author: shanna_mp419
Date: 2/14/2004 11:40:38 PM
Hello there seniors... ;)

I'm 17 years old, and I got a full scholarship from american government (the program is called YES - Youth exchange Studies, it's a scholarship program given to Islamic countries or countries that most of it's citizens are moslems, such as Indonesia, Brunei Darrussalam, Turkey, malaysia, etc) to go to an american high school for a year.

And I want to ask so many things about american high school. You know, the system, the subjects, the students, etc. (I heard you can pick subjects? cause in Indonesia you can't pick subjects. how is it work?)

I'm going to attend grade 11 or 12 there, so is there any one who can give me information on the lessons or curriculums? you know, so I can 'study' it here a little before I leave cause If I get less than a B, they will send me packing...!

So..help help help! Anything..any...thing.... Any kind of information will be very useful for me. Esp. lessons, curriculums, subjects...you know...

Thank you so ver much.....
Please email me at:
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