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Subject: From F1 to H1
Author: Edik
Date: 11/27/2003 10:28:01 PM
I came to the USA to pursue MS degree in September, 2003. However I got a good job offer from the company that is willing to sponsor the H1B visa for me. The job requires the education (I possess Bachelor degree) and expirience that I have. So I would like you to answer the following questions:
1) "How it is looking" that in the end of my first semester I apply for the H1? (I am no eligible for OPT yet)
2) My employer requires me to spend couple of weeks in another country before I start to work here in the USA. So can I apply for H1 and leave the USA for couple of weeks? What visa should I enter back on?(I have F1 and B1)
3) While my application being considered can I work or I must to continue my full time studies untill the H1 will be issued?
4) I heard that the quota for H1 visas will be reached in January 2004. Is it true?
5) How actually can you evaluate my situation? Do I have any chance to start to work for the company in next two month?

Thank you very much.
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