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Subject: Think you got worldwide knowledge?
Author: globalcitizen
Date: 6/26/2003 11:32:51 AM
Attention: International students, world travellers, history buffs, know-it-alls, and global intellectuals. This is a question-submitting contest that will award three people who submit the most exciting, accurate, and insightful questions–not the most difficult!

I am collecting high-school level questions about the world in the following categories: (1) Language/Culture/Arts, (2) Geography/Landscape, (3) History, (4) Current Events, (5) General Questions, and (6) Stereotypes. These questions must be based on 6 basic continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania/Antarctica)or on specific countries and people in those continents. They can be true or false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, or puzzles.

The questions must be factual–general opinions will be accepted regarding questions in the (6) Stereotype questions. “Example: Germans are known for excellence in what particular vocation? Answer: Engineering.”

In addition to including the category (1-6) and the continent to which your question relates, please include your name and the country and continent that you are from (legal or fictional) with each question.

Category 2: Geography/Landscape. Continent: South America. Q: “Which country holds the record for the lowest recorded temperature in South America?” A: Argentina
Jose Ferraro Garcia, Uruguay, South America.

Questions must be written in English and will ideally be submitted in an Excel spreadsheet (Column titles would be Category, Continent, Question, Answer, and Credit) but word, rich text, or email body text will also be accepted.

The idea is that students will feel more connected to the world if they are quizzed by experts from all over the world that have submitted these questions based on personal experience and learning. If you are against you name being printed and associated with you question please fictionalize your name, country, and continent.

All participants will receive a copy of all questions when the collection process has been concluded. (90 days)

Finally, first place will receive $10, second place will receive $5, and third place will receive $1. Sorry but this all the money my wife will let me give away!

Email the submissions as an attachement to globalcitizen2004@mail.com!
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