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Author: cyb_at
Date: 6/3/2003 10:15:42 AM
hi Nicky,

i am guy and my suggestion would be for this guy of yours is to let him go. He is "sex starved", and i dont think thats a right attitude for a good lasting relationship.

I went thru into a similar situation like urs a few months back, and right now i am bouncing back to life. Trust me you will find a nice guy out there, just be patient and careful. Remember people can take a lot of things away from you, but they can't take your smiles and cries.

Tell the guy honstly what you feel about the relationship and that the whole idea about getting laid doesn't appeal to you into the relationship and so you would like to discontinue the relationship, as this would be the good for the both your happiness and joy in the times to come.

truth is bitter but its very efficient. You will not hurt the person if you are truthful to him coz he probably knows inside that the relationship ain't gonna last too long, period.

So keep smiling and shining like you always did.
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