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Message 70/163
Subject: Pakistani International Students
Author: cutelarka
Date: 10/31/2002 8:00:28 PM
Hi salam

hey guys and gals i want every single pakistani International students to get to know each other and im working on 1 web site , im Studying in Ny rite now and going to California State univ in coming Spring 2003 .
i know many Paki students frm follwing US univ,

1.Univ of Mary land ( college park)
2.Univ Of Texas at Austin.
3.Texas A & M (college station).
4.Florida Atlantic Univ (Boca Raton).
5.Florida State Univ.
6.Minesota State Univ (Mankato).
7.Queens College of Ny.
9.Baruch Colleg of Ny.
10.Univ of ALabma (Brimingham).
11.Indiana State Univ(indian oplis)
12.Purdue ( west lafeeyate).
13.California state univ ( sanjose)
14.California State univ (fresno)
15.City College of Ny.
16.Bringhim Young Univ( Provo,utah)

hey dooston if u need help in any of above skool email me may be i will help u in regarding housing and other stuffs.im frm Karachi .
Adamjee Govt , college and Ned univ
and help needed just post ur msgs here
Allah hafiz
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