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Subject: where's the dillio?!? Anyone in FL...
Author: bluefreeze
Date: 9/14/2002 2:11:24 PM
Hey I read some of the posts and just thought I'd join and say hi... I moved to FL 3 yrs ago and was studying at MDCC Kendall Campus til the end of last semester, but decided to join the Navy and move to Chicago, IL... I am still working out, I need to lose a few inches before I am accepted but all is good as far... I've been told I'm in for a big ride... and I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't made any friends while being here all this time (3yrs) so I think this desision is for the best.

A few questions... Did anyone see Axl Rose perform in the MTV Music Awards? Oh my gawd, he looks nothing like himself, his hair is firey red, in dreads and he's gained some weight (or least appears more buff). He's always been my all time favorite rock star (from Indiana) and I hope he's had enough time at hand to recover from all the shit in the past... his voice was much weaker when I hear him perform at the MVA's. do you have any new videos you'd like to share?? or news about him?? please let me know... Axl's disappearance along with Layne Staley death (from Alice In Chains) has been too tragic for all of us who appreciate these great artist's talent.

Okay well enough said, I guess if you have a comment or two bout any of this or just wanna talk, i'm always looking for new friends, just hit me with a line at bluefreezegelrider@yahoo.com

Thanks & God Bless

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