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Subject: Re:Looking for a e-mail buddy
Author: Jerrywen
Date: 7/3/2002 11:26:49 AM
Hi Darcia

I am a male University student from Taiwan been studying in US for 5 years for my BA in Art degree since 1996. I would say University and college are very similar in many ways and few differents. Money first of all is big concern. College is cheaper. System of school University is 10 weeks class time compare to college is 16 weeks class time. They call it quarter(10)and Semester(16). I can not list all of the differents over here it would take a lot of pages. My suggestion is to attend a college and then transfer to University. Hey maybe you would like to study in USA for rest of your life who knows? Many non-US students do want to stay in US for their carrer here so you have better to think about it before you go. Have fun

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