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Subject: Re:Distance relationship
Author: gratia
Date: 1/11/2001 2:21:10 PM

You're welcome. :)
I wouldn't suggest my experiences unless I think it might really make a difference. Best of luck to you and your love one.... and do keep me updated on the situation. I'm sure others (on this site) can also learn (and benefit) from you as well!

On a more personal note... I happen to work as a counselor/therapist. So I have 'seen' and 'experienced' many different situations in the past.

With my fiance, I try not to take my relationship for granted. (Though, to error is human!) We are doing wonderful, thanks for asking!

>Gratia, thanks a lot for your
>response. Frankly, I didn't expect
>any one to answer it in such

>You seems to know a lot about
>relationships. I'm wondering how's
>your relationship with your love one?

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