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Subject: Re:It is hard to be alone.
Author: gratia
Date: 1/5/2001 3:56:14 PM

You'll survive through your finals... and when you get your "A's" in your grades, you'll realize that that's why you're away from home in the first place! Cherry up! :)

Here's a suggestion to help you relieve some of that homesickness: watch your favorite "home" movie (that was shown back in your country), while eating your favorite food (what mom used to make), and wear some really old-ragged clothes that you love (or something that reminds you of home)....

do that once a week, and that might help you feel better. (either that, or you'll get so 'sick' of watching the same movie, eating the same food, and wearing the same clothes... that you'll never miss it again!) :)

>I am homesick too... especially these >time.. between finals.. help.. help..

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