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Subject: Re:How to get to Monterey from Long Beach?
Author: gratia
Date: 10/25/2000 4:47:32 AM

I believe that you can reach Monterey by going on PCH, (Pacific Coast Highway, aka 1 Highway) along the CA coast.

You can get a great CA coastal view while you're on Highway 1. It's beautiful.

Once you're in Monterey, you can go visit the famous aquarium and the 17-mile Drive. And if you love to golf, go to Pebble Beach golf course -- it's one of the world's best.

There's lots of smaller, yet equally quaint, cities along the way that you can visit during your drive up.... I would suggest a long weekend for this.

>I heard that Monterey in CA is very
>beautiful. So, can anyone tell me how
>to get there from Long Beach.
>Also, what can I do in Monterey?

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