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Subject: Halloween Bash
Author: gratia
Date: 10/25/2000 4:37:05 AM

Here's some traditional ideas for this Halloween time... Have a Halloween Bash/Party instead of going to the movies!

- Get your friends together and have a Halloween costume party! Have costume contest.

- Go to a Halloween theme park (i.e. Knott's Scary Farm, Queen Mary Ship,)with friends for some evening fun.

- Go visit a haunted house with your date. (A sure bet that you and your date will be very 'close' to one another!) :)

- Go with friends on a night trail walk at the local/state Park. Be sure to bring flashlights! (and other necessary items for safety sake! Use your good judgements on this one...)

- Offer to babysit a friend's kid, and then... take them out on a trick-or-treat adventure they'll never forget. (You get some candies, too, while at it.)

Enjoy your Halloween!!!

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