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Subject: Seafood in San Diego
Author: gratia
Date: 9/27/2000 4:18:26 AM

If you're visiting San Diego, CA, don't miss out on some of these wonderful seafood restaurants:

1) "The Fish Market" in Downtown S.D.
(There's also another one in Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles... but, I don't think is as good.)

2) "The Crab Catcher" and "The Cove" in downtown La Jolla

3) "Jake's" in Del Mar (great for Sunday brunch as well!)

4) ...and for a romantic dinner on a yatch cruising along the harbor, try "Hornblower" in S.D. seaport village.
(There's also one in Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, and one in Long Beach.)

First 3 places have great food, plus wonderful view... and "Hornblower" is better know for it's romantic setting...

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