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Food lovers rejoice--we can talk AND eat about our favorite subject.

Message 11/37
Subject: Re:Classic American
Author: Victor
Date: 9/14/2000 8:14:32 PM

I have to agree with gratia about
the hamburgers at hot dogs.
Though it's (sort of) Italian
in origin, pizza is somehow the
essential American food in my
mind. Here, too, the difference
between the good and the bad is HUGE.
Also, let's not forget breakfast:
find some greasy diner and order a
big ol' omelette, a side of hash
browns, and some bacon. If you
don't die immeediately from
all the grease, you will learn a lot
about American food. Especially if
you get gravy on the hash browns.

Making Myself Hungry,
Victor G.
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