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Subject: Re:Where is the best national park in US?
Author: tui
Date: 9/7/2000 8:50:40 PM
I only know California and West Coast.

Basically, we have Yosemite in Northern California.

King Canyon and Sequioa National Park just east of Fresno. You can see those big Sequioa trees (biggest trees in the world) in this park.

Jushua Tree National Park near Palm Springs. You shouldn't miss it if you like Cactus.

Crater Lake in Oregon. This used to be an old volcano but it collapsed to be just a few thousand feet high. The mouth of the volcano grew so big that it becomes a lake. It's very beautiful in Winter.

Yellow Stone National Park in Montana and Grand Teton National Park just south of Yellowstone. Not many people know about Grand Teton even though I think it's more beautiful than Yellow Stone.
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