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"But, the card won't fit into the payphone!"
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Phone Cards: How to Use a Phone Card

You can use calling cards from any telephone, public or private. Just follow the instructions on the card, which usually are similar to this:

  1. Dial some special phone number, usually a 1-800 number, which is printed on the card.
  2. Dial the unique personal identification number (PIN) which is also printed on the card.
  3. Dial the phone number you are trying to reach.

For example: Ming Wang wants to call his girlfriend in Beijing with a calling card. He will dial the following numbers:

  1. The toll free number offered by his phone card company, and printed on his card

  2. He will be instructed to input his personal identification number (PIN), which he should memorize, or else keep somewhere safe and secure

  3. The automated attendant will prompt him to dial the telephone number he wishes to call.
    "011 (international code) + 86 (China's country code)+ 10 (Beijing's city code)+ 8688-1234 (his girlfriend's number)"
  4. After dialing the phone number, he will be told his balance of minutes and then the connection will be established.

Many other smaller companies provide specialized services - for example, low rates to specific countries or regions. Companies that offer these cards advertise on the Internet, where you can search for "long distance phone service providers" to compare the rates and features offered by each company.

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Quick Tips:
Frightened by dialing too many numbers? Take advantage of speed dialing feature.

Penny Saving Tips:
To save $, use a no connection fee phone card to call first, to make sure that the person you want to talk to is home. Then, hang up, and use a phone card with connection fee to call again.

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